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Get the Right People on Board & Put Them in the Right Places

Successful staffing in today's workplace takes more than just posting vacancies and waiting for candidates to send out their CVs. It is a multistage process that requires the right background and tools.

At HR Umbrella, we can assist in your staffing needs through our staffing management service. We know too well that the people you hire can directly affect the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of your business. This is why we use our HR experience and skills to enable you to successfully navigate every stage of the staffing process—from recruitment and interview to selection and orientation—so you can engage with and hire workers, who will be pivotal to the success of your business.

What We can Assist You With

As you are likely aware, the primary purpose of the staffing process is to assign the right person to the right job. This is one of the most critical tasks any employer and manager can undertake, and also one of the most challenging due to the competition for skilled candidates.

Your organisation's ability to reach staffing targets has something to do with your existing process and strategies as well as your background in staffing. If you think you are lacking in all these areas, you can get us involved in your staffing process.

Through our comprehensive staffing management service, our HR specialists will help identify the type of staff you are seeking for and review your current process for recruitment and selection. From there, we will provide you with tailored solutions to address your staffing needs. These solutions may come in the form of advice on improving your current practices or in any of the following:

CV review and creation of shortlisted candidates

Coordinate with recruitment agencies or carry out recruitment on your behalf

Administration of tests

Interview support

Employee induction

Contract preparation

Avoid Poor Staffing Decisions and Other Pitfalls of Recruitment and Selection

Poor or wrong appointment decision is one of the biggest pitfalls of the staffing process. It can lead to catastrophic consequences for the organisation, particularly damages in production, service quality, and supplier and customer relationships. Surely, you do not want to deal with any of these. To avoid them at all cost, employ our staffing management service to get expert support and advice in all areas of your recruitment and selection.

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