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Behaviour & Grievance



Build a Positive Workplace Culture and Resolve Employee Behaviour & Complaints More Effectively

Within an organisation, employees have certain understanding of how they should behave and conduct their business. At the same time, they have an inkling of what the management expect for them to do and what they can receive in return. However, there are instances when an employee tends to misbehave, doing things that are counterproductive and may cause issues with other employees. On the other hand, an employer may also fail to set fair and reasonable policies in place that may lead for employees to lodge complaints. Both situations can negatively impact an organisation when not appropriately addressed.

HR Umbrella can guide you through the minefield of dealing with behavioural and grievance issues in the workplace. Our HR specialists have a solid background in this area of HR management, assuring you that general standards and best practices for addressing workplace behaviour, conduct of activity, and grievance and disputes are properly applied and met.

What We can Assist You With

Know that a toxic workplace culture has the potential to significantly hurt the operation and reputation of your organisation. Whether it is brought about by problematic behaviours displayed by some employees or poor management policies and practices for addressing such issue and other grievances, your organisation can suffer consequences that can put it to its knees. That is the last thing you want to happen.

By employing our behaviour and grievance management service, we can provide you quality advice on how to properly address the aforesaid issues before they get worse. To be specific, we can assist you with the following:

Development and implementation of general standards of workplace conduct and activity

Development of scripts and practices for running disciplinary or grievance meetings

Documentation of disciplinary or grievance meetings that complies with legal requirements

Management of the entire process of addressing behaviour issues and grievances

Expert legal advice to protect your business interest

Resolve Workplace Behaviour and Complaints the Right Way

Poor workplace behaviour and employee grievances are issues you should not disregard, as they can cause significant damage to your organisation when allowed to proliferate. If you are not sure what the best approach is in dealing with these matters, we can steer you to the right direction and provide the help you need to properly resolve these issues, all while protecting your business's and your employee's welfare.

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