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Contract, Policies, & Handbook Development

& Implementation

We approach our clients’ needs like they are our own. As such, we work closely with our clients to understand the HR issues...

Ensure Complete and Accurate Documentation of Your Organisation's Rules, Conditions, & Operating Policies

It is important for organisations to have explicit statements of their expectations, norms, and values. After all, these things help shape workplace culture and enable employees to understand what is expected of them and how they should behave at work. These explicit statements must be clearly documented in contracts, policies, or handbooks. .

HR Umbrella provides a service that is targeted to help you draw up contracts, policy documents and handbooks for your organisation. With the in-depth understanding of our HR specialists in employment law and policy setting, we are certain that we can assist you in covering the essentials related to employee performance and behaviour, workplace culture, disciplinary and grievance procedures and much more.

What We can Assist You With

The first few days of induction is a critical time for new employees to receive orientation about their duties and responsibilities and the conduct expected of them. These are also an ideal time to acquaint them with policies that define the norm, values, and operations of the organisation.

When conducting orientation, it is vital that employees receive a copy of their contract that completely outlines their rights and duties. Likewise, they should be provided with policy documents and/or handbook they can use as references to understand important policy provisions.

As a rule of thumb, contract, policy documents, and handbooks must be written in clear language and highlight vital and legal provisions that will guide employees throughout their service in the organisation. This will help avoid confusion and conflict later on.

Review of existing documentation of your organisation

Identify gray areas in your existing documentation and provide recommendations on how they can be addressed or fine tuned

Develop employee contracts, making sure that all provisions comply with legal requirements

Create policy documents and handbook that accurately & clearly outline the rules, conditions, and operating principles and practices of the organisation

Get Everything in Writing and Protect Your Organisation Against Risks

Poorly written and structured contract, policy documents, and handbook may not only lead to misunderstandings. It may also put your organisation at risk of getting involved in a legal dispute. Surely, you do not want that to happen. In that case, it is best to receive support and guidance from our team of HR specialists when it comes to drawing up your documentations so you can be assured that all the employee's duties and responsibilities and your organisation's expectations, rules, conditions and operating policies are clearly written and are within the bounds of law.

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