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We Help Organisations Address Major HR Issues with Expertise and Professionalism

Who We Are

Seasoned HR Professionals Committed to Serve You

HR Umbrella is a firm specialising in providing human resources support and advice to organisations throughout the UK. Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive experience and expertise in various areas of human resources, including staffing, training and development, policy development and implementation, employment law, performance management, and workplace health.

Our business is built on the premise that the success of organisations is dependent on the quality of their employees. As such, one of our priorities is to assist organisations in finding and retaining top talents, developing and implementing programmes and policies that make people better at what they do, and creating strategies that will enable them to perform well in a work environment that is filled with changes and expectations.

Comprehensive knowledge and skills in human resources are keys to providing solutions that are not just effective but also bring value to clients. We therefore take pride in the HR specialists that make up our team, as they not only possess the right know-how and skill set, they also have extensive background in the ins and outs of the industry, which make them the right people to turn to when it comes to addressing HR needs.

Who We Help

Helping Businesses of All Kinds Throughout the UK

Human resource is a pivotal function to all organisations. After all, it concerns the welfare of the workforce that makes any business operate. Some organisations are lucky enough to have an entire department dedicated to managing their human resources. Yet, there are still many out there that do not have their own dedicated HR team—usually SMEs that are in the process of growing their businesses and find it time consuming to attend to their HR functions.

Ultimately, our goal is to help these organisations in aligning their HR practices and policies with their business goals and objectives. We offer a full spectrum of HR services that are catered to all sorts of organisations across various industry sectors throughout the UK. Through these services, we promise to assist them in navigating the complexities of managing human resource activities and let them focus on the more critical functions of their business.

What Benefits can be Derived from Our Services?

Benefits that Steer Your Organisation to the Right Direction

Whether you are just starting out a small company or are already running a mid-size firm, know that we have an HR solution that is fit for your organisation's needs. Whichever solution you pick, we are confident that you can enjoy these benefits:

Delivering Transformational and Strategic Human Resource Solutions That Drives Organisational Growth and Success

Addressing the most pressing human resource issues is a big challenge. But, it should be done for your organisation to maximise its capabilities, provide direction and opportunities for employee development, and to succeed in the future. If taking care of HR issues is too much to handle, HR Umbrella is behind you to tailor strategic solutions to meet your organisation's specific needs. With our assistance, you can be assured to stay on top of HR matters and evolving workplace conditions.

Time and Cost Savings

Like many other business owners, you may find that a great portion of your time goes into managing different HR functions. And as you know when it comes to business time is money. Through the assistance of our HR specialists, we can take care of many of your HR functions or provide you advice on how to streamline various HR procedures. As a result, you can save significant costs and have more time running and growing your business

Support and Advice Rendered by Experts

As we have mentioned, our team is comprised of seasoned HR professionals. That being said you can be assured that you will receive quality support and advice from people who know the industry from the inside out, and have a deep understanding of what it takes to develop HR policies, programmes, and practices that let you stay on top of changing workplace focuses, make people get better at what they do, and earn your organisation a competitive advantage.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

As an employer, you have legal obligations to fulfil and that includes implementing sound employment policies and practices and workplace culture. With our help, we will carry out thorough assessment of your policies and practices, making sure they are compliant with existing employment law and HR standards.

Get the Most Out of Your Employees and Minimise Turnovers

Our HR specialists can work with you to create or enhance policies and programmes that foster employee motivation and keep them attracted to your organisation. We can also come up with strategies that will enable you to develop and stick with sustainable HR practices. All these are proven essential to retain top talents for the long term.

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