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Retainer Arrangement


Dedicated HR Service to Help Meet Your Changing Business Needs

One of the most challenging parts of running an organisation is not knowing when HR issues will arise. You may encounter difficulty in recruitment because you lack the manpower and tools to get the job done. Or, you may run into trouble dealing with an employee's frequent absence and you have no idea how to manage the issue at hand. It is situations like these that will make you realise the benefit of having an HR specialist in-house. However, if your current circumstances will not allow you to have one, opting for our HR retainer service can be a good solution to consider.

In this arrangement, you can secure our expert HR service on demand or for a set period of time. We will go over your needs and determine the type and level of support you desire. We will also set the amount of time you want to access our services, beginning at a minimum of two hours each month. If there are changes in your needs, we can make adjustments on the type of service you wish to receive as well as the hours of work we need to render. Consequently, change in fee will also apply to suit your circumstances.

There are several benefits that can be derived from using our HR services in a retainer basis. Some of them are indicated below:

No Surprises.

The beauty of a retainer arrangement is that you will not be bogged down by overage charges, thanks to its inclusive nature. The work that is required and the fees to be paid are clearly spelled out before any function is carried out. As such, you know exactly what type of service you will be receiving and how much you are spending.

Results Driven.

One of the main draws of retainer arrangement is that is focused on achieving desired results. With a set of services already in place and the fee already determined, faster turnaround for certain functions can be expected and recurring work can be handled efficiently.

Abundance of expert help.

HR work varies from time to time. You can never exactly tell when you will need to do recruitment, training, attendance management. Trying to piecemeal these functions to several providers can make it difficult to monitor results and at the same time can cost you more than you are willing to shell out. By choosing our retainer arrangement, you can receive expert support and advice on several HR functions for one affordable cost.

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