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Added HR Services for Your Expanding Needs

We are passionate about supplying organisations with a range of quality HR services to better manage the human aspects of their operations. This is why on top of our comprehensive line up of services, we have also forged partnership with providers specialising in other areas of human resources management. This allows us to make recommendations that we believe can contribute to organisational success. Have a look at the associate solutions we can help you with.

Payroll Administration

As an employer, it is vital to pay your employee on time and with the right amount for the work they have rendered. Any delay or inaccuracies in payments can cause problems that have a potential to affect your reputation. Avoid that from happening by outsourcing your payroll functions. We can arrange one of our partners to assist in your payroll process from start to finish. All you need is to supply information about your employees' work hours, pay rates, and contribution calculations and they will take care of producing payslips, filing tax returns, and producing reports on your behalf.

Background Screening

Hiring the wrong people can hurt your business, employees, and customers in a variety of ways. This makes it all the more important to delve deeper when hiring potential candidates and not just take them in for their face value. We can refer you to a firm that can carry out thorough background checks on your behalf. Rest assured that the screening methods they use are compliant with the law and are effective enough to determine if there are any issues with a particular candidate that you need to be aware of.

Organisation Insurance

Risks are always a part of business, and they can lead to significant losses when not properly managed. Insurance is a vital component of risk management and is a strategic tool for minimising losses. If you want to make sure that your organisation is covered from any potential liability, we can set you up with a trusted firm that can present you with several insurance options from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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