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Your organisation's ability to grow and keep up with industry changes and client demands do not just depend on the strategies you put in place. The quality of its workforce is also pivotal to achieving those results and its overall success.

To simply put it, your employees can significantly impact the direction your organisation is headed to. In that respect, it is only wise to handle the human resources function efficiently to ensure that you recruit and manage first-rate employees and safeguard and protect their interests. That is where HR Umbrella can assist you.

A Full Range of Services to Address and Support HR Needs

Our services encompass everything about the human resource function, including recruitment and selection, training and development, and appraisal and performance management, just to name a few. We can help you find and retain the best people and keep them motivated to put their best foot forward for your organisation. You can further explore our services below.

Seasoned HR Professionals within Your Reach

HR Umbrella is committed to help organisations of all types and sizes

improve their HR function and practices. We are comprised of a group of seasoned professionals that have a wealth of experience in different aspects of human resources, including staffing, training and development, performance management, policy setting, and workplace health.

With our solid background and expertise, there is no HR issue that is too big for us. We are confident that whatever you organisation's HR needs are, our specialists can deliver tailored solutions that will let you stay on top of constant changes and expectations in today's work environment, get the most out of your workforce, and gain a competitive edge to your organisation.


Take the hard work out of managing the human aspects of your organisation and focus more on your core business functions. We can give you the best level of support and advice through our HR services at affordable costs. Contact us today!

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